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il Primo - Dark Roast Ground    12oz

il Primo - Dark Roast Ground 12oz


Joseph Putrello Coffee il Primo (which means "the first" in Italian) is a blend of Arabica and Robusta from 5 different countries .  With the Arabica coffee from Nicaragua, El Salvador and Columbia, the Robusta coffee is from Uganda and Vietnam.   This coffee has rich body, deep flavor, low acidity, great mouth feel and beautiful  thick crema. Great for any type of coffee preparation. 

High quality 12oz Bag with one way valve and resealable zip lock to help maintain freshness. Please choose the type of grind you would like. Your coffee will be ground to order to help maintain flavor.I perfer not to grind the coffee for you, Whole Bean is always better. So please get some type of coffee grinder and buy Whole Bean. This will make me very happy.         (Latte Art by Joseph Putrello)

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