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You spend time, money and effort on your food service. From sourcing the ingredients to the preparation and presentation.   Your coffee service is the last thing your customers will experience before they leave. Treat your coffee service  the same way you do your food service.
Elevate your coffee program from the generic to the fantastic with Joseph Putrello Coffee program.
To purchase Joseph Putrello Coffee for your business, please contact us to discuss the details.
When purchased for a restaurant or coffee shop with Espresso Service, we include complete barista training.


Coffee Shops


Capitalize on Joseph Putrello Coffee's knowledge and experience to provide your customers high quality coffee beverages.


What you get when you purchase Joseph Putrello Coffee for your business:


Barista training on all aspects to make  not only a proper espresso extraction, but the proper extraction/recipe for Joseph Putrello Coffees  This includes:


-how to calibrate the espresso machine (volumetric and dual boiler machines)

-how to calibrate the grinder,

-measuring and dosing the coffee,


-milk steaming.

-latte art (if you like)

-proper maintenance and cleaning of the espresso machine and grinder. 

Clean equipment means better taste, period


-guidance on equipment and supplies  for your espresso service.


-testing of the water temperature at the group of your espresso machine with a Scace Thermofilter.

This training is on going and we will train as many employees as you like.  We will also stop in to check up on things now and again. If out of state or more than  100 miles away in state, please contact us to discuss conditions for barista training.

You can make an appointment anytime to stop by for a demonstration and taste for yourself  how espresso is supposed to be.

Email us at or send us a message via the contact form below and we'll get back to you

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