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The Story

Never Follow The Crowd

 All my life I  never followed the crowd, did not like it when people told me what to do.  Although the 3rd wave coffee intentions were good.  Things have gotten out of hand and a bit ridiculous. Therefore I'm not using any of the current coffee world's buzz words and bull #@%#.  Small batch, volcanic soil, ripe only, flavor notes, altitude, harvest methods, dissolved  solids, blah blah blah.  I don't care how small your batch is, what altitude it was grown, how many solids you dissolved or how it was processed.  It's very simple ,  does it taste good or not because  that's all that matters.   

Let me worry about the details so you can just enjoy the taste.


Yours truly,

Joseph Putrello  

The Peoples Coffee Fanatic

Coffee Names


I like to keep it simple  with the names .  IL Primo   simply means "the first", because this is my first coffee.  Due  is  "two " because it is my second coffee.   Can you guess what my third coffee name will be ?

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